Dear Beloved,
I’m going to get straight to the point.
Don’t skip a word and remember to take ACTION.

Your Target Customer Are Online

"Are You Loosing Sales By Giving Customers & Clients Many Choices ?
As A Business Owner! I advice you read this article to the end & find out, If You Are Losing "Sales" or Not?

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There's one problem that I noticed, that is the number one reason why a lot of people Who Setup Their Company or Business Website online to let more people notice their existence and those who Setup Their Website or Blog To Sell Their Products and Services Fail.
That problem is "TRAFFIC GENERATION”. Traffic generation is the ability to attract Targeted Website Visitors to your Website or Blog.

If you think you have this PROBLEM TOO…



Traffic To Your Website

From the desk of: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J | Joe Okoro & Chidiebere Nwankwo.  
Time: 7.36am
Finally! These Three Reputable & Outstanding Internet Marketers Of Nigeria:
Have decided to join hands together & unleash a traffic surge to all their Students | Clients | Friends | Subscribers & Fans.
Dear Beloved (online & offline) Business Owner,

” Check Out To This: Gun to the Head Marketing Technique: On How To Sell More Of Your Products and Services In The Next 20 Days Than You Did In The Last 200 Days!

GUN TO THE HANRD“If You Do Not Profit With This Your Business Venture, I’M going To Pull This Trigger on You Now”

Gun to the Head Marketing Technique: How To Sell More Of Your Products And Services In The Next 20 Days Than You Did In The Last 200 Days!

Let me start by asking you a question.

If someone points a loaded gun at you and commands you to empty your pocket and hand over your wallet and valuables to him, what will you do?

I’m sure you will comply. After all, who wan die? I want to share with you how you can actually use this to make a lot of money for yourself. No! I’m not asking you to rob a bank or do something illegal. It’s so easy to make money legally, so why should I bother about doing something illegal?

Listen up!

If you want to guarantee the success of any business venture you want to go into, you have to adopt the Gun To The Head Marketing Approach. That means you will be sure you’re not going to waste money on that business venture. You will be sure you’re going to make a lot of money and ensure a better life for yourself, family & the society at large. Thrive in on this difficult economy, like the one we are currently facing now. I said "Thrive", not "Survive" in a difficult economy.
When you thrive, you flourish, whereas when you're trying to survive, you work hard, and struggle to eke out a living.

After you decide on the kind of business you want to go into: Imagine someone calls your name & points a loaded gun at you saying:

“If You Do Not Profit With This Business Venture Of Yours, I’M going To Pull This Trigger On You

Do you know human beings can achieve a lot if we are pushed to that limit? I bet if I ask you to fast for 40 days, I’m sure you will tell me you’re not Jesus Christ. But if you find yourself in the middle of the desert without any form of food, water or shelter, you will go for days without fasting and you will be ready to run if someone shows you a way out of the desert. If a “red eyed” man threatens to pull the trigger if you do not succeed with your business, I can bet it that you will succeed in it.

Crazy illustration, isn’t it?

Maybe it is, but the truth is that it works. Today, we never setup a website in any business venture we are today, without a targeted Goal; we never launch any new product or service until we are sure is of high value & will be highly appreciated by the society.
We never make a post in any of our Blog until we are sure our readers will love it and want more; we never send out e-mails or SMS to our ( e-Mail & SMS List Subscribers)  until we are sure it will convert; we never organize a seminar until we are 100% sure it would succeed.

If we are not sure about its success, we simply remember the man with the gun.

Alright, Let’s Move On:  To Hit The ‘GUN On the HEAD’.

If you've set up ( any form of online or offline business, company, product or service which you want the society to know about its existence & finally buys) or you are trying to sell anything on the internet, either an e-book or digital marketing products & services, or you own a blog or you have a video you want people to watch, music you want people to know about & download or anything else you want a lot of people to see, read or buy, or any kind of business, products or services you have

And you have trouble getting Targeted TRAFFIC & visitors to your Website |Blog | Business & converting them into a paying customers/clients as to keep sucking  the cash , then you need to read this LETTER to the end..


ONE thing every business cannot do without is an effective marketing system.
Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, your business is dead on arrival.

It does not matter if you have the best products and services in the world. If people
don't know you exist, it's completely useless.

Unfortunately, I see so many businesses focus on being the best at what they do and have, not focus enough on creating effective marketing systems to get customers at the door.

Even worse, some people actually believe that if they have a product or service that's great, people will come. While there are some truths hidden in this statement, it doesn't happen by accident.


 It takes strategic and systematic planning to get a steady stream of potential customers coming in contact with your products and services and eventually, becoming paying customers.

In other words, as a business owner or marketing executive, you need to create an effective marketing system that introduces people to your products and services and converts them to paying customers.

The big question right now is how to create such a marketing system.

… In the next paragraphs you’ll discover one of the dirtiest little secrets of online marketing.

Are you ready?

Here It Is…

traffic (1)

Learn How To Sort A Targeted free traffic to Your Website & Don’t Depend On FREE TRAFFIC Only...!

If you have setup any kind of business, products or services you have… and you’re running around trying to get free traffic, let me tell you…

You Are Wasting Valuable Time!

Yes, you are wasting that precious little time you have while PROS like us are buying up your entire target market, for just a few kobo per customer.
Look there are two kinds of internet marketers in the world…

Dwarfs… and… Giants…

And here is the ONLY difference between them.

Dwarfs crawl around cyberspace looking for left-over “free” traffic they can luckily get.

Some days dwarfs eat... but most days they go hungry and starve.

Giants don’t depend on luck.

They simply go where the traffic is and BUY all they want... eating all the “food” they can find in their market, including those that belong to the dwarfs too.

So tell me... what you are going to be... 

A Dwarf? ...Or a GIANT like us?

See, we sell over =N=20 million naira worth of products and services a year and we don’t depend on “FREE” traffic to make such amount...


First of all, there is no such thing as “free” traffic.

None. Nothing. Haba!

It doesn’t actually exist.

Most people spend countless hours chasing “FREE” traffic with SEO, article marketing, forum posting, and other dwarf tactics...

Only to get beaten up like kids as soon as the “gods” at Google change their fickle minds and do another
“Panda” or “Penguin” update. And they always do.

My time is VALUABLE and so is yours. There is NO WAY I can generate “FREE” traffic as cheaply as I can buy it.
So for me, I’d rather spend a little money

To Get BIG Money!

Look at these examples:

How about getting over 1,000 views from Bing network for only (=N=2 naira) per click?

How about getting 1,000 views on Facebook for only (=N=2 naira) per click?

How about getting 1,000 views from for only (=N=2 naira) per click?

Even if just 1% of these people click, that’s still a flood of traffic.

Imagine how quickly you could test your offers and sell your products if you’re getting thousands of clicks per hour.

Well, what about Joint-Ventures (JVs) you do with established marketers? That’s “free” isn’t it? 

No, Not At All. That’s Also Not Free

Let me explain.

A friend (name withheld) spent one full year begging a guru to do a JV with him. Finally the guru agreed.

After their JV ended, they ended up making about =N= 400,000 naira from their seminar.

But it sure wasn’t free.

My friend had to pay this guru about =N= 200,000 naira in commissions for sending a few emails to his list.

This Means That He Spent =N= 370,000 More!

See, the GIANT ate the dwarf’s =N= 370,000 naira.

That’s the power of being a giant.

Well, after listening to my advice, my friend started becoming a GIANT himself and started buying traffic for himself.

The next time, he spent only =N= 30,000 naira. And he still made over =N= 400,000 naira.

=N= 400,000 naira which he kept for himself 100%.

And he didn’t have to beg, plead, or kiss anybody’s ass to do it.

He just made a phone call and made a deposit using this particular method I’m going to tell you about.
That was it.

=N= 400,000 naira which he kept for himself 100%.

And he didn’t have to beg, plead, or kiss anybody’s ass to do it.

He just made a phone call and made a deposit using this particular method I’m going to tell you about.
That was it.

That’s How GIANTS Do It...

There are at least of such places where you can simply buy your traffic and get a rush of it.

I’m just getting warmed up.

I have tens of these secret sources of wholesale paid traffic sources I could go on about... but I think you get the point...
To EVER have any real chance of building an online business you have to generate MASSIVE traffic from sources that are predictable, scalable and consistent...

Until you start generating your own traffic, and converting those traffic to a list and paid customers, you don’t really have a business...

What You Have Is A Hobby

You are a dwarf... and... GIANTS kill dwarfs and eat their food for breakfast.

So how do you become one of US?

How Do You Become A GIANT?

You can do it the easy way or the hard way... like I did...

See, I Joe Okoro, spent over =N=500,000 naira of my own money messing up in every possible way until I discovered what DIDN’T work and (over time) what actually did work.

But I’m about to give you a much easier way... a much less expensive way to be a GIANT.

Once i mastered it, i built a list of over 35,000 people in the “make money online” niche which I later lost after I had a credit card payment problem with and sadly had my account deleted by them.

(I’ll be telling you HOW to avoid the same problem).

Since then I have gone on to build a fresh email list of almost...
85,000 Active Leads/Customers In 3 Different Niche Markets


Do You Want to know how you can do the same?
Introducing what we call. . .
Traffic By Command System.

This is the EASY way.

With us as your traffic generation mentors, you’ll avoid all the mistakes that we made and start generating profitable traffic...

As Soon As This Weekend

And my cut-and-paste style and point-and-click instructions are so clear even a little child can do it.

Look I’m not even going to try to convince you to buy this course.

Either you want to be a GIANT or you don’t. It’s really up to you.

your business, website & blog, then you must order your own copy of the Traffic By Command System. I know because, I know first-hand how much difference getting targeted traffic can make in your business.

It can be the difference between...

An Empty Bank Account and One Full of Money Like This…


The 4-minute Video Below Shows Income Proof of =N=1,022,530
From Just One Bank Account In February 2014

Click Here To the watch Video download

Guess what?

Last year, I brought in over =N=16 Million in sales selling information products online, and the reason is because I know how to drive massive traffic to my sites.

Do You Want to see some of the Real Income proofs of =N=16million made in 2013 By Joe Okoro…?

Click Here To Watch Real live Videos Of 4-Consecutive Months
Income Of Over =N=1.5Million Made In Each Single Month.

We have built out a ridiculously easy training for you that covers all aspects of traffic generation from the ground floor up... built for beginners.

In this core training, you will master:

Bullet-Bulat-1---blackBuyer targeting

Bullet-Bulat-1---blackLanding page design

Bullet-Bulat-1---blackSales conversion

Bullet-Bulat-1---blackContent site marketing

Bullet-Bulat-1---blackAuto-Responder Account set-up & Management

Bullet-Bulat-1---blackList engagement

Bullet-Bulat-1---blackAudience re-engagement

and much more

All of the methods we use EVERYDAY.

  Imagine learning how to “force” the traffic visiting your website to buy your products or services, click on your links, or do anything else you want them to do.

This and much more you’ll see inside the Traffic By Command System training.

And if you're wondering if we would be able to deliver on our promises, you're in for a real treat because we simply over deliver each time we create any training program for our readers.

You don't believe me?


We Have Got Proof That Our Training | Products & Services Works And Is The Best.




Below Are Recent Few Testimonies From Graduate Student Of : [ Jeo Okoro ] Advanced Blog Training.












Need More Proofs



Below Are Recent Few Testimonies From Graduate Student Of : [ Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J & Chidiebere Nwankwo  ] Information Marketing & Digital Mobile Marketing Training.









Do You Still Have More Doubt?

Then, Watch Out For This Live Few Copied Testimonies Of What The Students At The VIP Internet Income Empowerment Training By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J” Say .







You Don’t take ours & that of our students words for it, then here are what top expert Internet Gurus Of Nigeria have been saying:

#Guru 1


My Advice: – “If you want to succeed in your based business, then get a mentor who is worth his/her salt, practice what they teach. Rejoice Chikamnele , Joe Okoro &  Chidiebere  Nwankwo are three best mentors which I can recommend with confidence & that’s not because they have undoubting ability to create 6-7 figure online income earner, but they also get stuff to help newbie’s & anyone who has been trying to make a living online without success to be on the right  path and make it Big Online .


#Guru 2


Without any doubt of mind, I hereby recommend Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J & Joe Okoro as the top silent young men in  internet marketing I know in Nigeria that are not only making money,  but have built a well good reputation for their names, businesses & companies. They are the people you can listen to when it comes to making money online and you will never regret ever taking them as mentors.  Listen to them day & night and say good bye to financial worry. Remain Blessed All.

Onome Maureen

Guru #3


I have known Joe Okoro & Rejoice Chikamnele for many years now. They are reputable money makers in Nigeria. I recommend this Traffic By Command System Course to anybody who wants to make a sustainable income from his/her business, company, website or blog. Learn from the giant masters now and say good bye to your website traffic wahala.

Olaide Alim

Guru #4


Everyone can claim to make money online, but only few know that making Money Online is all about getting the right information, but the right information can be very useless when it comes at the inappropriate time. In short, making money Online is about getting the right information from the right source at the right time… Rejoice Chikamnele,  Joe Okoro & Chidiebere Nwanlkwo are friends, colleagues & Pioneers of many internet business models that work here in Nigeria. You had better learn from them fast as you have the chance.

Adetunji Gbolagade


know Rejoice Chikamnele & Team as an expert when it comes to making legit income online | Web Development | Direct Marketing & Website Traffic Generating. With good reputation to their names, they have lots of students & followers. I truly recommend this product to the whole world and will advise you to listen to whatever he has for you.

Efe Imiren

I Can Go On And On But…


Sorry! That’s The Limit Our Space Can Contain Now:-


Here are Exactly What You’ll Learn In 6 Modules
Of The Traffic By Command System Control Blueprint...

Like I said early! In the past, driving website visitors just like that works in those days, you can simply send people to your business sales page, Affiliate link, Referral link, business eCommerce ..etc... websites that advertises a product/service and they will quickly order.

Nowadays, things has need a more sophisticated marketing to be able to do that. And what you need to do is to learn how to trap a portion of your visitors so that you can always redirect them to your offers and make sales over and over again.

Traffic By Command System Control... In 6 Modules

I Repeat When it comes to making massive impact in your Business| Company |Website | Blog etc…. both {online & offline}, there are only two things that matters.

And these two things are the most important skills you need to master to be able to make a living out of your Business.
They are...
1. Traffic
2. Conversions

many people have websites, shops, business, companies, blog etc that receives daily visitors every day and yet they make little or no sale at all.

That aspect is what the Traffic By Command System Control 

System: ... Will focuses on, and teaches very well.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn In 6 Modules
Of The Traffic By Command System.

Module One

Module 1

Setting Up Email Sales Funnel  Autoresponders
Account With And GetResponse.Com
(2-Part Video Training)

In this module, you will learn...

Module Two

Module 2

Advertising on : Nairaland.Com Forum | Google S.E.O [ search engine optimization | and Bing Network
(3-Parts Video Training)

This is a set of 3 separate videos teaching you exactly how to do the following.

You’ll learn...

. How to setup a targeted Advert on Nairaland.Com forum | How to rank your business products and services keyword on first page of Google search...through SEO [ search engine optimization ]

. How to set up a Bing account as a Nigerian


You’ll also learn how to get the exact keywords you will place in your campaign so when people type in these keywords into the search engines, your advert on the Bing network appears.

Module Three

Module 3

Facebook Advertising

Module 3A
6 Part Video Training On
Effective FB Advertising

Module 3B
8-Part Advanced Facebook
Video Advertising Training

In this module you’ll learn how to:

Module Four


Module 4

The Traffic Control Blueprint ..Step-By-Step Course ( Video Courses + its Pdf Version)

This Video course and its PDF guide outlines the core concept on how to  generate free and paid traffic using powerful traffic networks. It includes tools of the trade and how to control and monetize every single person that come into your marketing sales funnel.


Module Five

Module 5

Creating A Squeeze Page, Salespage and Download Page With FrontPage [ FOR your effective Marketing ]
(1-Part Video Training)

In this module you’ll learn...


Module Six
WhatsApp Marketing A-Z Killer Secret ( Giant Class Courses ) -----------------------------------------

Learn " How to Print Daily Passive Income Cash SALES Using Just Your Mobile Phone Via WhatsApp Marketing " One of the fastest ways to generate quick cash online is using WhatsApp to market.

Ever wondered why many people add you to groups without your consent sometimes?

It's because lots of money is made with WhatsApp groups.

But listen oooo, don't ever add anyone to a group without their consent, it's unethical.
Our Whatsapp course teaches you an ethical way that you or anyone can generate a quick cash usually under 5 days using All You will Learn today Using this A-Z WhatsApp Marketing Killer Secret.

Module Seven

Module 6

Integrating Your Squeeze Page And Autoresponder With Your Websites “Thank You Pages”- and How TO Easily Upload Them To The Internet
(2-Part Video Training)

This module is a two-part video training course, you’ll learn...

In all, you're getting 25 videos (10 - 30 minutes for each), and  a 70 page PDF with detailed traffic secrets.

So, how much should I ask you to invest for this?

What do you think is fair?

Before you answer, though,

Consider The Fact That...

This is THE proven system for dominating any market with an amazing surge of traffic.

 It’s also THE system used by =N=100 million naira companies such as, and IrokoTV which is why you see them almost everywhere online these days.

Finally, it’s the ONLY system I know that lets you master traffic buying without making the =N=500,000 naira worth of foolish mistakes I made...
When you consider these points, charging =N=50,000 naira would be a fair price.

But I Won’t Charge You Anything Near That Amount!

Not =N=50,000.
Not =N=30,000.
Not =N= 20,000 (which quite frankly I think is more than fair)

Today you’ll get the COMPLETETraffic By Command System Control Blueprint” training for just...

One Easy Payment Of N15,000,N9,500

N10,000 For This Week Only!



But... wait, it gets better!

I am also throwing in these amazing bonuses if you invest in the “Traffic By Command System Blueprint training.

Amazing Bonus #1
30 Days Personal Coaching & Support. (Value =N=100,000)

When you order the “Traffic By Command System ”training today, you will have access to a private email and telephone number.

You will be able to ask any questions and I'll answer you without charging you a single kobo extra.

Amazing Bonus #2
36 Unique Squeeze page Images
(Value =N=10,000)

You get squeeze or landing pages in various markets that you can edit and input your own details into.

These squeeze pages or landing pages are written by copywriters who charge over $1000 to write one copy of a letter. They’re expertly written squeeze page templates that can help you in converting a good portion of daily website visitors to your websites.

Amazing Bonus #3
 List Building From Scratch by Joe Okoro (Value =N=5000)

This is a 45-Page e-book written By: Joe Okoro and inside he will teach you how to start and build a money-making email list to sell your products, services, or affiliate products in any niche market.

Why Am I Giving You All These Bonuses?


Because I want you to get IMMEDIATE RESULTS & Bring in Fast Testimony to us, I’m going to let you have all of them for FREE, once you become a GIANT...

And to even go further and show you that I am willing to stand by my claims, here’s...

My 100% NO-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you go ahead and invest in the “Traffic By Command System Control Blueprint” today and if in the next 30 days, you have not increased the number of visitors to your websites or blog and at least doubled the sales of whatever you’re selling there and actually make a profit, then simply send me an email at [ ] and I’ll transfer a full refund of your =N=10,000  purchase price to you.

Not only will I refund your FULL purchase price,

I Will Double It! Mark My Word & Count On Me On That.

Nobody else teaching internet marketing is making this sort of guarantee, so why are we making it?

It’s because we want you to have total confidence. Confidence that we will deliver everything we have promised in our guarantee.

You will double your website(s) visitors and your profits or I will pay you back every single kobo you invest in the training, plus an extra =N=10,000 as a penalty for failing you.

But You MUST Act Today Otherwise…

You see, I can only guarantee that the low price (=N=10,000) of this training  courses and the bonuses, which include the 30-Day personal mentoring directly from the three reputable Giant Internet Marketers of Nigeria, will only be available to those who join this training for the next 10 days, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Here’s why:

We will be providing personal mentoring as part of the bonuses. It’s the best bonus out of the four.

But we are only human beings. We cannot clone ourselves; rather we can only do the mentoring and personal coaching for only a few people.

So, as an added reward, we will only do that for those who take action and invest early. You need to act now if you want to lock in this low price of =N=10,000 and get all the bonuses, plus the personal coaching.

Don’t waste time, you have none. The earlier you invest in the training the better, because then you will be sure of getting EVERYTHING.

To claim your copy of “Traffic By Command System Control Blueprint” full training course and become a fellow GIANT, coached by another three GIANTS, Hurry now, use the payment instruction immediately below this line and make your investment right now.

Order Traffic By Command System
For Only N15,000
(Limited Time Only)

Ordering Instructions

To order for The Traffic By Command System Control Blueprint , Invest The Sum Of N10, 000 Only Into Any of The Bank Accounts below:

You can do an online bank transfer as well if you have the facility.

Pay/Transfer/Deposit = N10,000   Into Our Registered Company Corporate Bank Account to ensure 100% safety of your money


Bank Name=  UBA  BANK

Account Name =   SA Planner Tech

Account No= 1019784167




Account Name =  Rejoice Chikamnele

Account No= 3087752604 

OR Pay Into any



Account Name =  Rejoice Chikamnele

Account No=  0161036879

 NOTE - After making the payment, please send your payment details As

SMS to: 08032439765, 07084869575
OR Send an Email to :



( "Paid For The Traffic By Command System")

The payment details that you have to send are:

1. Your Full Name.
2. Your Active Email address.
3. Amount Paid.

4. The Bank You Paid Into.
5. The Teller Number You Used To Pay In The Bank.
6. Your Phone Number.
7. Date Paid.

Once your payment has been confirmed, the training products along with the bonuses will be sent to you via your email within 24 hours so you can start implementing the traffic strategies.

This traffic training is digitally delivered to your email inbox. There are no physical copies at this time so there is no shipping.


You will get immediate access to the training and all the bonus reports, templates. Even the 30-Days personal coaching is activated immediately!

By the way, I will only be offering this system at this stupid low price for only a short time, so if you’re going to be a GIANT you need to start acting like one today...

If you’re still pondering over this tiny investment then you probably should remain a dwarf.
I don’t say it to sound arrogant, no. I say it because it’s the truth.
If you want to be a big traffic person, if you want to go out there and start bringing in lots of traffic like the big boys, you need to start thinking like one of us.

We don’t waste time thinking for too long when we see a good deal. We just grab it before anyone else. This is why we are very successful and will keep being so.

So if you’re ready, claim your copy of “Traffic By Command System Control Blueprint” and by following the ordering instructions above right now...
I’m waiting!


Rejoice Chikamnele, Joe Okoro & Chidiebere Nwankwo

Customer Care lines
08032439765, 07084869575
Line opens between [ 8AM-6PM ] Only
SMS: 24 Hours

P.S. This is a simple choice. Are you a GIANT or a dwarf? This is your


last chance to choose.

Claim your copy of Traffic By Command System Blueprint” right now by using the payment instructions above.

Will talk to you soon.

Will talk to you soon.

Got Any Issue, Questions? Enquiries? Or Comments? On This Irresistible-OFFER

Send an email at: or Call/ Send To:
08032439765 or 07084869575


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So! Hurry Now & Join Over 50,000 Subscribers! Who where Formerly Suffering From This Same Problem Too…


There's one problem that I notice, that is the number one reason why a lot of people Who Setup Their Company or Business Website online presence to let more people notice their existence and those who Setup Their Website or Blog To Sell Their Products and Services Fails.

That problem is "TRAFFIC GENERATION” Traffic generation is the ability to attract Targeted Website Visitors to your Website or Blog.

If you think you have this PROBLEM TOO….

Than! Your Worries Are Over! Join This Training Now to Find How You Can Start Getting At Least 1000 Visit Every day To Your Website Starting Today.

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